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Please note that programme details may be subject to change.

NOTE: We have moved to the "new" Newbury Community Centre at Westhorpe Avenue off St Olaves Road.

To ensure everyone's safety please read our instructions for returning to the hall which can be found here.



Competitions are a much-loved feature of the club's calendar. Qualified external judges give positive criticism of members' entries and there is a definite air of friendly rivalry. Here is a quick round-up of our competitions for this season. The results of the competitions will be published here with details of winning entries after each judging session. For details see the full programme. Download the seasons Competition summary here

13 October 2022    Scape PDI

Judge: Carmen Norman

27 October 2022    Autumn Open PDI
Judge:  Nick Akers LRPS

17 November 2022    Portrait Print & PDI
Judge: David Steel DPAGB

24 November 2022    Ruby Chalice - Interclub Competition


8 December 2022    Mono Print & PDI
Judge: Roy Essery MPAGB

12 January 2023    Themed Print & PDI "Abandoned Buildings"
Judge: Ken Payne

2 February 2023    Scape Print

Judge: Tom Peck

16 February    Photojournalism & Sport PDI
Judge: Andy Abbott

2 March 2023   Spring Open Print

23 March 2023    Abstract Print & PDI
Judge: Tony Bramley FRPS

20 April 2023    Nature Print & PDI

Judge: Naomi Saul

27 April 2023     A45 Inter-club competition

18 May 2023    PDI & Print of the Year


25 May 2023    Sweetman PDI & Newton Print Trophies

Judge: The audience

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