Please note that programme details may be subject to change.

NOTE: Physical BSEPS meetings are currently suspended due to measures to combat spread of coronavirus. The programme below is a totally new series of sessions designed to be delivered online. These sessions could be subject to change.


Competitions are a much-loved feature of the club's calendar. Qualified external judges give positive criticism of members' entries and there is a definite air of friendly rivalry. Here is a quick round-up of our competitions for this season. The results of the competitions will be published here with details of winning entries after each judging session. For details see the full programme

19 September 2019    Straight out of the Camera


3 October 2019    Autumn Open PDI
Judge: Tony Bramley FRPS


31 October 2019    Themed - “Memorable Trip”
Judge: David Steel DPAGB 


14 November 2019    ‘Scape Print
Judge: Howard King.


28 November 2019    Competition: Autumn Open Print
Judge: Daphne Hanson DPAGB APAGB 


5 December 2019    Nature
Judge: John Wrigley.


9 January 2020    Action
Judge: Ron Tear ARPS MPAGB PSA3 BPE3


23 January 2020    Scape PDI
Judge: Mike Cowling ARPS

13 February 2020    Portrait
Judge: Kevin Pengelly FMPA MCGWP


12 March 2020    Spring Open PDI

26 March 2020    Andy Abbott Journalism & Sport PDI
Judge: Andy Abbott


21 May 2020    Online Fun Competition: Upstairs Downstairs / In the Garden
Judge: Rob Howarth LRPS CPAGB BPE3*

25 June 2020    Online Fun Competition: Film Titles

Judge: Members

23 July 2020    Online Fun Competition: Song Titles

Judge: Members