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BSEPS Five Picture Editing Challenge

This year we have a slight change to the challenge... you can CHOOSE your set of five pictures from the ones below - but you can only choose ONE set! No cheating by mixing and matching! Remember you can do whatever you want: just edit one image to make it zing or combine elements from any of your five. It's completely up to you. Just have a bit of fun. Just click on the link to the set you fancy to download the zip file. Then just decompress it (most browsers do that automatically for you).  

Set 1



Set 2

Set 3

Set 4

Set 5


Goodbye to Season 2019-20

Another year has gone by at BSEPS and of course the last few months have made it the most remarkable we've ever had​. But after our AGM tonight it is clear to see that it takes more than a global pandemic to stop our Society.  The consensus of opinion is that our club is going from strength to strength despite the challenging times we find ourselves in. We've still got lots to enjoy this summer and roll on next season!

Our very own "Bard of BSEPS" Liz Rowlands sums up the season perfectly with her annual ode:

Ode To BSEPS 2019-2020

Busy, oh, so busy, but not so much these days

Photos from the garden and local footpath ways. 

Our year has been so busy with lectures and events

Competitions, workshops and until this latest dent

In our programme, much is now on line

GoToMeeting Thursdays, that’s just working fine.

Before all this corona took a hold on all of us

We’d run our usual programmes without a lot of fuss.

The standard of our photos was up to its usual good

The tea and coffees all went well with lots of lovely food.

Lemon Drizzle, chocolate squares, all have featured here

So keep them coming please, next year the tea will brew, no fear.

Our competitions were so good with portrait, ‘scapes and themes

We held an exhibition, a great success it seems, 

In the Apex, we did show and soon in Addenbrook

Lots and lots of people came to have a look.

The lectures were successful and some have lately been

From Belfast and from Georgia, seen via a p.c.screen.

Our friends have come to visit,  to judge or talk to us

The membership has blossomed without a lot of fuss.

Some went down to Skomer, the puffins there did glide

While others went to Dorset and places far and wide.

Some went way Down Under as far as they thought they could,

Trips in far flung places that really  were so good.

Others ventured far and wide but now we are confined

To gardens and our local walks with nature pics combined 

With indoor stuff for Peter’s new and latest thing

How creative can we be and with lots of lovely bling.

We showed off our inventive minds 

With more to come, of different kinds.

We bought a new projector, 1600’s now the norm

Renaming and submitting we must still conform.

We’ll reconvene in Autumn, with freshness on our mind

The programme’s done. Such excellence, we will surely find

 With thanks to the committee, and all who help, that’s fine.

We’ll continue through the summer, now we’re all on line.

Keep getting out and taking shots, we’ll see the best next year.

Keep safe and well, and busy, too. We’ll meet again, no fear.



With thanks to everyone who has contributed in any way to this year’s amazing, and eventful programme.

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