Goodbye to Season 2018-19

Another fabulous season has closed at BSEPS. As always we've had a great year, welcoming new members, guests, judges and speakers. As always, the annual award dinner was a big hit, celebrating the achievements of the season. If you are a group member, you can see the photos of the evening on our Facebook group here.

Our very own "Bard of BSEPS" Liz Rowlands sums up the season perfectly with her annual ode:

Ode To BSEPS 2018-2019

Well, now another year is done.

Where, oh where has time just gone?

We’ve been so busy, lots to do,

Lectures, workshops, pics to coo

Over.  Such an excellence

Of images, comps so tense.


Our membership is on the up. 

We may even need more cup(s)

We’ve had such a splendid year

With more to come, so now we hear.

With “Time to shine”, a feature new

And workshops with so much to do,

 In workshops we have had great fun

Some brand new techniques, so we have done.

Still Life, and models and mystery nights

Drop it, Snap it and backlights,

To learn and practise. See the end 

Result of pictures that we can send

To Facebook, or to many friends

To share, and frame, although we tend

To store so many on our p.c.

We edit some, and some will be 

Discarded, not to see the light

Of day again, when storage is tight.

Our lectures varied, all so right

With composition, models and light

Weather, landscape and 50 shades

Route 66, and shadows. The basics laid

Foundation for the future time

Oh, dear, this is so hard to rhyme!

Prints and P.D.I’s abound.

Competitions all the seasons round.

With portraits, Mono and Inter Club

Some more successful, one a drub(bing)

Journalism, sport, and themed

“The decisive moment”,all did seem

So varied and were seen just right

Success for some on every night.

The judges have been good and bad

Some have been the best we’ve had.

Our Jo went off again in Jan

With Liz and Gruff off for a tan

Canada and OZ, we’ll images see

In comps next year so sure to be,

With thanks to Paul and assistant Mick.

The lap top worked and didn’t stick

Too often so that we could see

The members’ pics, the best to be 

Shown again on Dinner Night.

Certs and cups and trophies might

Wend their way to people new,

But Paul is sure to win a few. (Or lots!)

We’re looking forward to a summer about

With cameras, tripods and lenses out,

To take some photos, ready , too

For next year’s programme lots to do. 

The programme’s ready, Peter’s work

To put it together, not to shirk.

Lectures, workshops, comps a mix

That takes a lot of time to fix.

The money’s safe in Jenny’s hands

And Jaclyn’s paperwork, computer manned

To send out to us the stuff we need

At your peril, do not heed.

External comps’ selection’s good

By Jim and Ivan, seeing the wood 

From the trees, and doing well.

The standard has just been so swell.

Thanks to John and all who’ve done

Coffee, teas and provided bun(s)

We went to other clubs for cake

Lectures , coffee and to make

A contact with the people there,

Our expertise and pics to share.


Website, and programme are produced

By CCD who’s introduced 

A comprehensive viewing place

That we can see in our own space.

Exhibitions are now all around

At Burnet Barker we now are found. 

The Apex gallery as well

Our photos were up and looked so swell



Committee meetings run on cake

At CCD’s, with decisions to take

That with discussion, affect us all

So we can still meet in the Hall.

Our thanks to Gary and to Bill

For opening up and letting us still

Use the centre, for the year.

We are glad our meetings are still here, 

Though election nights have made us go

We’ve ventured out to town. And so

Another splendid year has passed

The committee’s not yet out to grass. 

We acknowledge all who play 

An important part from day to day.

 Our thanks to Jo, who is just so

Enthusiastic, don’t we know.



We look ahead to September now

Have a great summer, that’s a wow!

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