Dale Reynolds

The Tulip staircase
Working traction engine
Warthog kiss
Underneath the Arches
Thetford Power Station
The view from Win Hill
The Chorus Line
The path from Win Hill Derbyshire
The Rows Great Yarmouth
The Queens House, Greenwich and the City
Storm brewing over Monsal Dale
Swallow (Hirundo rustica) feeding a cranefly
Spring fields
Small Tortoiseshell butterfly feeding on a thistle
Sailing on the Broads
Reflections from the Past
Skeleton tree at Snape
Protective Mother
Poplars along the river at Lode
Path to the Sky
Path to the Mill
Paragliding at Wells
Pakenham Church at sunset
Mushroom Clump
Monsal Dale & Headstone Viaduct
Medieval street
No where to hide
Oystercatchers skimming the water
Ickworth Park and the Rotunda
Hunstanton Sunset
Highland Stare
Happy Easter
Having a Rest
Greylag goose (Anser anser) stretching its wings
Hanchet Square
Good Enough to Eat
Fathers reading room
Down a Slide
Dakota ZA947 Fly past
Castleton cement works in the Hope Valley
Big Brother is watching you
Barbed sunset
Ancient statue, modern technique
Hanchet Square