Magda Jowers

Sand Flies
White Feather on Frozen Pond
Dragonfly in Flight
Incoming Landscape
Wot You Looking At
The Gaffer
Sad And Alone In The Wind and Rain
Jenny In The Golden Glow of Morning
Speared Portrait
4 x 3 Seabirds
Berry Picking
On The Wing
My Plaice Tonight
Hovering in the rain Landscape
Iconic Kingfisher
The Medieval Kitchen
Preparing for Takeoff
The Photographer's Apprentice
Sandstorm At Mossyard
Orange Butterfly
Having A Drink
Proud and Haughty
Fresh Orange - Refreshes the Parts Other Juices Just Can't Reach
Food On The Wing
Flying Out The Tunnel
Feeding the Family
Catching The Ring
Faded Grandeur
Feather Bed-Without Lily